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Dr. Ann-Katrin Mall

Dr. Ann-Katrin Mall

Dentist, specialised in Orthodontics

Preventive Dentistry

Applied Kinesiologe

Personal data

22nd Dec. 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden

Professional background

Started her own practice in Konrad-Goldmann-Straße 5b, 79100 Freiburg.

Moved to new practice at Holzmarkt (Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 262) and established a dental practice partnership with Dr. Christian Mall.

07/2003 - 12/2003
Took over orthodontic practice of Dr. Urte Kühn, Schwarzwaldstraße, Freiburg.

04/1999 - 07/2003
Self-employed Dentist at Dr. Ulrich Hübers, Specialist in Orthodontics, Offenburg.

04/1999 - 06/1999
Dentist at Dr. Karin Backlund-Soulier, specialist in Orthodontics, Singen a. Htwl.

08/1998 - 03/1999
Assistant Dentist at Dr. Karin Backlund-Soulier, specialist in Orthodontics, Singen a. Htwl.

02/1997 - 07/1998
Assistant Dentist specialising in orthodontics at Orthodontic Practice Dr. Barbara Hübers, Dr. Nanna Wehr, Lahr.

11/1996 - 01/1997
Assistant Dentist at Dr. T. Schairer, Freiburg.

11/1995 - 11/1996
Assistant Dentist in independent practice.

Gained Doctorate med. Dent.

Granted licence by Landeszahnärztekammer Baden-Württemberg, Freiburg.

10/1989 - 07/1994
Studied dentistry at Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg.


2000 - 2002
Education and training in Applied Kinesiology.

Since 1997
Attendance at national and international continuing education programs in Orthodontics, as well as continuing further education in Preventive Dentistry.

1992 - 1994
Intern at the neurosurgical university clinic in Freiburg, during university.

Language Skills

Swedish, English, French and Italian (fluent, read and write)