Dr. Ann-Katrin Mall

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Healthy teeth for a lifetime.

The pillars of our practice are preventive dentistry, prophylaxis and orthodontics! We focus not only on the correction of the teeth and jaws, but also on the prevention of dental damage.

This includes an individual tailored prophylaxis concept for our patients, along with creating awareness of the negative influences on dentition and the possibilities to prevent and address them.

Preventive Dentistry

In our practice, we have specifically trained personnel.

We offer the entire spectrum of preventive dentistry in our practice, including saliva tests, nutritional advice, training in dental hygiene during pregnancy, professional dental cleaning and bleaching.

Just give us a call!

Oral hygiene and orthodontics

Oral hygiene and orthodontics

Oral hygiene is particularly important when you have braces. Straight teeth are of little use if the external appearance is disturbed by stains (decalcification) and tooth decay. That is why we support our patients and their parents with great commitment during the time with braces.

We advise, instruct, support and motivate each patient individually.

After inserting fixed braces, each patient will receive an "orthodontic kit" with useful and helpful dental care products. This allows each patient to try out first what suits best.

A good cooperation with the referring dentists is also very important to us, because we not only want our patients to leave our practice with "straight" teeth, but above all with "healthy teeth"!