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Emergency Tips

Dear patients and parents.

For problems with removable and fixed orthodontic appliances, please always contact our practice! We will try to arrange an emergency appointment as quickly as possible.

Before the treatment we discuss all questions and concerns openly and individually with each patient. However please remember that every new orthodontic appliance will be uncomfortable at the beginning.

Emergency Tips

We recommend Ibuprofen as a painkiller, but also Arnica Globuli. Special oral gels or mouthwashes are useful too, and are available at a pharmacy without a prescription.

Patients with fixed appliances can provisionally cover disturbing sharp edges or protruding wires with protective wax or a sugar-free soft gum.

Removable appliances can cause gingival injuries. Whenever a specific part of the gum is inflamed or blisters occur, just like when wearing brand new shoes, the plastic or the wires of the appliance should be adjusted in our in-house laboratory.

Elements of the fixed orthodontic appliances can get loose and can become very uncomfortable. Please check what exactly is causing the problem and see if you can fix it provisionally. Give us a call with a detailed description of the problem over the phone or take a picture with your mobile phone and send it to info@kieferorthopaedie-freiburg-mall.de. With this we can help you quickly.

In case a loose end of wire is bothering you, try to adjust it with a cotton swab, tweezers or a tea spoon. You can also remove it carefully with scissors or a side cutter.

In order to avoid unnecessary additional costs please bring any broken parts of the fixed appliances to our practice and do not dispose of them!

For dental emergencies on holidays or weekends please call 01803 - 222 555 42.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that our "Emergency Tips" are never needed!